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Domicile Feng Shui

Balance. Harmony. Beauty.

By balancing the energy within your spaces, Domicile Design can bring a new level of harmony and beauty to the places where you live and work.

Debbie Miller, owner of Domicile Design, is a certified Feng Shui Master, Diamond Dowser, and Interior Designer. With her more than three decades of experience, she combines beauty, science, art, meditation, and healing energy and infuses them into your buildings, yards, gardens, offices, homes, and rooms to create environments that promote happiness and health.

Your space. Your style.

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Debbie explores your spaces to discover what’s missing, what’s inhibiting, what’s needed to produce harmonious spaces – while purposefully merging those discoveries with your unique style. Additionally, she uses the practice of Dowsing to locate and balance energies in your home and workplace.

Debbie creates an accurate energy map and a personalized Feng Shui checklist by taking the time to listen, look, and learn from you and your spaces. She forms a plan to help you create the balanced work or living environment you desire.

Whether you are an individual struggling with the organization of your home, an architect designing homes for others, a business owner needing office environment solutions, or an organization seeking to promote growth, Domicile Design is ready to address your specific energy, balance, and design needs – from living room to board room to backyard patio.

Qualified. Focused. Intuitive.

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Debbie Miller’s skill set comes from years of training and experience: She holds a Masters Plus Level III Certification in Feng Shui; her Level I and II Certifications were earned at the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui. She is Diamond Dowsing certified and also holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design/Art from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She currently serves on the leadership board of the Feng Shui Institute of the Midwest. She is an Interior Design consultant for Aero Drapery & Blinds in Minneapolis.

Using her diverse expertise, Debbie seeks to transform your spaces into dynamic, inviting places where you (or your business) will thrive and grow. Domicile Design offers four specialized areas of service: Feng Shui, Dowsing, Space Clearing, Interior Design

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As a certified Feng Shui practitioner and award-winning Interior Designer, Deborah uses her unique skillset to infuse your spaces with harmony and a sense of well-being. She has studied many schools of Feng Shui and is a Master Consultant in BTB Feng Shui tradition. Deborah also incorporates the principles of color and light from the Marie Diamond School of Feng Shui into her work. Whether offsite or in-person, she will advise you how to find balance in your home and business environments.

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Dowsing is an ancient art which, like Feng Shui, has seen a resurgence of practice in recent years. As a certified Diamond Dowser, Deborah Miller uses Dowsing rods to detect earth energies that disrupt your home or workplace. Though invisible to the eye, these energies can be located through Dowsing and then effectively cured before affecting your health and wellbeing. Whether offsite or in-person, the Dowsing process makes it possible to elevate the energy levels in your home or work environment.

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Space clearing goes beyond decluttering, it means clearing spaces on an energetic level. Deborah Miller has developed an intuitive eye and a perceptive ability to clear stagnant energy and revitalize work and living environments. She combines the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui with the art of Dowsing to clear and balance energy in your home or office and create a space that vibrates at its full potential. Whether offsite or in-person, Deborah can transform the energetic vibration of your space!

Interior Design Domicile Feng Shiu

Deborah Miller is an experienced, award-winning interior designer with over 38 years of experience in designing residential, retail, commercial, & office spaces. Whether new construction or updating your home or workplace, Domicile Design has the expertise to help create the ultimate expression of your personal style. She can evaluate your project and make suggestions to better align the energies in a home or business.  Deborah has the skills to address your Interior Design needs at any level.



Designing your Space to Transform your Life!

Diamond Life Coaching

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Deborah is a Global Transformational Coach with a Master’s Level Certification in Feng Shui as well as Inner Diamond Meditation and Diamond Dowsing certifications. She will help you identify and release any limiting beliefs or patterns that may be holding you back from achieving these goals and becoming an effective leader. By identifying these challenges, she can teach you to replace them with the empowering tools she has mastered from her years of studying with Marie Diamond. Book your Diamond Life Coaching Appointment HERE!