Gray – Still a Dominant Color in Home Décor

By Debbie Miller

Minneapolis Home & Garden Show Magazine 2017

Gray, by definition, is a range of hues from black to white. What makes it a wonderful neutral is that it can take on “chameleon” characteristics when mixed with other colors! It can lend itself to a warmer color scheme when more yellow is added.  Adding more blue will push it towards the cooler color spectrum. Either way, gray will prove to be the perfect backdrop to whatever your decorating style may be!

Consumers should be more conservative when making big ticket selections for new construction or remodeling projects. Neutral grays are always a wise choice for flooring, wall color, cabinets, or siding. Let these items be the backdrop to other focal points in your home. Keeping these areas a little more neutral can save you money when making future decorating decisions. Not everyone will have the extra money in their budget to add or replace furniture right away.

A gray color scheme may be one of the leading color trends in home design. It can make all you accent colors pop!  A great way to introduce an accent color is with the addition of window treatments, home furnishings, accessories and art! Try accenting with vibrant colors like red, yellow or orange tones to add excitement to your room. You can easily switch these out for more calming blue or violet accents, without major redecorating expense.

When using a predominately gray color scheme on building exteriors, the accent color can be added to doors, shutters, or other small areas to create a focal point.  Painting the front door a deep red or rich blue could be just the right amount of color to draw your attention to the home façade. Other accents like lighting fixtures or planters will be the first impression your guests see as they walk up to your home and an opportunity to bring your inside accent colors to the outside.